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The Current features - Vital Hmong voices: Ka Lia Universe and Amanda Yang

MPR's The Current features Amanda Yang in an article for AAPI month. Amplifying voices of Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

""Amanda’s engagement with her audience has come through a lot of virtual platforms, which was essential during the pandemic. She found she was able to find her artistry through a camera’s lens, something that came to her many years prior any lockdowns. “I once posted this original song called ‘Pretend’ on YouTube,” she says. “I played it on the ukulele and was so heartbroken and so desperate to get my emotions out of my body just to let the world know I wanted to get over this feeling. I published it and my subscribers were so supportive, and they connected so much to the song. It helped to me to understand I wasn't alone, and I could connect with other people who also are feeling very similar emotions.”"

- Youa Vang from The Current



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